In reality ALWAYS the Illuminati,Terminator Hillary will be declared the successor of GW Bush, although "Obama" has not yet been stripped.

May 14, 2015

BIG BANG roles actors MUST HAVE Pope Benedict v [cherry on top of the cake] Bush Sr & Obama v GW Bush v Hillary Clinton

Unlike for Bush Sr: Ratzinger still alive is a MUST for fulfilling the original 1993 BIG BANG script without changes.
In other words: Sep 20 2016, just before the BIG BANG or BIG oBANGma:
"George H.W. Bush to Vote for Hillary Clinton" is just the cherry on top of the cake.

--- Last Prophet's words from May 2015
MUST HAVE Pope Benedict [89] v [cherry on top of the cake] Bush Sr [92] & Obama v GW Bush v Hillary Clinton: BIG BANG 93 script 
In brackets: what was added Sep 20, 2016 on top (the cherry, explained in CONTEXT link) or updated (the two ages).

The original 1993 BIG BANG script is still unfolding, with only two words changed and that happened already in Oct 2008.
Transcript of its last two lines: 
The first german pope, one of the last survivors of Hitler's army, proclaimed the only real pope since he was elected.
Hillary Clinton proclaimed the real 44th president since 2008, the real successor of the last Bush, ensuring an uninterrupted BushClinton presidency since 1988 to terminate the USA.

Obama and Bush Sr v GW Bush v Hitlery Clinton v Ratzinger
How tight were these actors coupled with their roles as the BIG BANG script was launched, Dec 1993?

Obama and Bush Sr
The Abomination of Desolation, alias the "Obamessiah of the Obama-nation of Desolation", is THE leading role of the BIG BANG script.
In other words: the role was already named OBAMA when the BIG BANG script was launched, Dec 1993, as the ethnic indonesian actor casted for the role first made headlines as Osama.
Same goes for "the first of the BushClintons", a role that George Bush Sr started to play in 1988.

The next Bush and the last Bush of the BushClintons
Both meant for GW Bush with "Jeb" as alternative.

Hitlery Clinton
"Hitler's daughter, the last of the BushClintons as the terminator of the USA": only Hillary Clinton could play the role, as explained in Merkel article (BASICS). 
If Hillary would not be able to play the role then the first alternative would be her only brother, known as Kevin Spacey. 
This would mean that the role would have to be stripped of "BushClinton" and renamed to "Hitler's son, the terminator of the House of Cards USA".

Bush Sr v Ratzinger 
As far as who the oldest is, Bush Sr already over 90 beats Ratzinger, "only" almost 90, who, on the other hand, is the ultimate example for "lived long enough to fulfill his role". 
Bush Sr [now 92] was replaced as POTUS by Bill Clinton in 1992. In other words: the role "first of the BushCliintons" was bound even BEFORE the start of the BIG BANG script.
Yet the death of Bush Sr would have no consequences in the script ever since its start 1993. 
Contrast it with Ratzinger [now 89]: his death would cause modifications in script ever since he assumed the "real last pope" role 2005 or 8 years before the role "Pope Francis (No Number)" was assumed.

See "1993: All actors originally casted lived long enough to fulfill their roles" in "Original 1993 BIG BANG script still unfolding".

Sep 2016: "NO MUST Have" George H.W. Bush to Vote for Hillary Clinton" is just the cherry on top of the cake.
The 92-year-old Republican 41st president and member of a conservative political dynasty that spans several generations will vote against his party, or so says the scion of another family at the center of American politics.

Hillary's only sister (different mothers) had already stepped on stage in 1991 (from unknown to Minister for Women and Youth in one year).
Illuminati can create new identities at will but Merkel would not be able to impersonate a native US american citizen, having lived almost always in Germany (West not East). 
There was never any need to have Merkel speak as an american to eventually play "terminator of the USA" because she was assigned from the beginning another role: "first woman chancellor of Germany, leader of the EU".
NO actress plays Angela Merkel's mother, Gretl Braun alias Herlind Kasner: WHY exposed worldwide first

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