The Last Antichrist: Napoleon, Hitler, BushClinton since 1992

In reality ALWAYS the Illuminati,Terminator Hillary will be declared the successor of GW Bush, although "Obama" has not yet been stripped.

Feb 6, 2017

Super Bowl 51 greatest comeback ever very last fake, 3 years after real deal: for dummies

One of the actors in the cast of Superbowl 51 was a Hollywood and shakespearean actor: Jonathan "the pryce-less" pope Francis no number.
He got the leading role in an agenda advanced with an episde released hours after the "unprecedented comeback engineered by Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady":
One in 14 Catholic priests accused of abuse in Australia
Note: illustrating photo enforces the "genocide of christians" agenda, subliminally suggesting mass murder, the need to eliminate all priests.
The script writer of all this: the Illuminati Grand Master, "coincidentally" also a Hollywood and shakespearean actor who first revealed himself in a Simpsons episode.

From GOAT Brady to Amy Gaga:
To get how Tom Brady really engineered the greatest Super Bowl comeback ever, this is all you need to get: 
How the Illuminati Grand Master engineered the impossible result 43-8 of Super Bowl 48, which will be proclaimed as the very last Superbowl.
In other words: winners of head to head races 49 to 51 will all be stripped. 

Amy Winehouse resurfaces at the end of the show
6 years after her "sudden death stunner", the other face of Lady Gaga, for the greatest comeback ever:
Angela Merkel's half sister and also a first cousin once removed from the director of the show, Alexander Adolf Hitler.
Hitlery will be now finally crowned Miss Universe by Last Trumpe(nce)ts. But the BIG BANG star resurfaces elsewhere: Obama Bi(nla)den, the Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation, resurrects on Easter Sunday.
At this point I don't need to mention the city, right?

For Intro:
Feb 6, 2017 - One in 14 Catholic priests accused of abuse in Australia

Feb 5, 2017 - Lady Gaga alias Amy Winehouse in plain sight - see photo: Lady Gaga dangles from cables while singing, at:
Sudden Death Stunner: Patriots' Super Bowl Comeback in Pictures

What was originally scripted as the very Last SUPERBOWL 2014:
43-8: Illuminati Supreme Leader announces the impossible result two days in advance
Parody about Simulated Reality to terminate the world as the human cattle knows it

Superbowl at the end of the show:
"Patriot('s) Tom Brady" casted as illuminati icon who will now fully detonate.
The act "very last Superbowl" had already to be postponed again and again.
Seattle Seahawks alias the superb owl hidden in plain signt, will be proclaimed "the real very last champions in 2014", everyone else ever since stripped of their titles.
From hero to zero, stripped of, first woman leading: END OF SHOW series

For the actress playing Lady Gaga and formerly also Amy Winehouse start here:
Staged the same day as the fake deaths of justice Scalia and russian anti-doping boss:
Grammys, Feb 2016, end of the show: Lady Gaga as David Bowie after Viola Beach plunges off bridge: another episode in the series of fake deaths of musicians.
Main agenda: the Marlboro man for kids.

The real Christ(of), the director of the Truman show - no I don't mean Jim Carey, the actor who played the role in the 1998 film:
Who leaves Atlantis off the _ _ _S? Google answers with name of man who runs the world
Atlantis, The Simpsons: TRUTH cut in stone by Illuminati Grand Master

JK ROWLing headlines just before the third and very last Super BOWL to be declared a farce: for dummies
Harry Potter's creator slams Last Trumpets with 1 satanic biblical tweet
Jan 30, 2017
UK Petition against Trump visit: goals of this psy-op includes filling the registry supplying the "internment camps", this time not for muslims and non-whites only but also for anyone registered as dissident.
Talk of the UK and death camps:
Fake writer J.K. Rowling (fake name comes from OWL, same as NFL's SUPERB OWL) illustrates her role as suicide bomber, in a parallel script to Meryl Streep.
J.K. Rowling slams Donald Trump, Mike Pence with 1 biblical tweet: for dummies

BIG BANG, Osama resurrects from the Indian Ocean, crucified to the wings of the missing Boeing 777

Oct 16, 2016

Clinton rallies Black Exceptionalism failure on seats, success on stage

Hillary Clinton's rallies: the rule introduced by Black Exceptionalism: failure on seats, success on stage:
Holyfield v Romney 2015 boxing fight resurfaces during the analysis.

- Contrast exceptionalism with the rule
- Black Exceptionalism: failure on seats, success on stage
- Two title fights that millionaire Romney never had resurface 

1. Black Exceptionalism: tactics: INVITED v INVITING
2. The rule: - a reminder: Hitlery crowds created by media - not only by headlines and point of view of photos but also literally, casted as audience

### Hillary Clinton's rallies: Introduction
Contrast exceptionalism with the rule.
Two exceptional tactics to generate real crowds for Hitler's oldest daughter, Merkel's half sister Hitlery, both coincidentally based on a reverse approach to the same blacks who will start to be gassed in malls after Obama's staged arrest. 
The first one resulted in utter failure, causing for the first time images of the "crowd" to be totally concealed, because the rule could not be applied in this exceptional case.
On the other hand the second tactic was a success, particularly in youtube.

Hillary Clinton's rallies: Black Exceptionalism: failure on seats, success on stage: 
Contrast the tactics: being dropped on stage of the National Baptist Conference vs dropping tranny Michelle on her stage.

Two title fights that millionaire Romney never had resurface with the analysis of two of the 2016 Clinton's crowds
In other words: none of them can be the 2015 holy fight in a literal boxing field, alias "Mitt Romney v Evander Holyfield".
A photo of Romney during this fight "coincidentally" illustrates an article propagating one of those two title fights, under these headlines: "The 6 richest candidates for President ever, including Donald Trump".
Paradoxically the challengers were the two oppositors who Romney never had in the "head to head race" for the republican nomination and for the presidency, during the 9 years that it took to crown Hillary Clinton as Miss Universe.
This statement implies a confirmation (the contender suggested by the "richest candidates" headlines) and a revelation (who the second contender was).

"Mitt the Mormon" defends one title against Hillary but loses another one to Trump:
Romney, a role played by Hollywood star Richard Jenkins, had to defend two of his 2012 titles in 2016:
- Romney v the Last official face of the Last antichrist: Romney and his white bikers conquered the title at the Daytona Beach rally 2012 and defended it against Hillary Clinton and her black baptists at the Kansas city rally 2016;
- Romney v the Last Trumpets or Last Trump(ence): millionaire Romney conquered the title at the republican convention 2012 and lost it to billionaire Trump at the same 2016 event.

Chapter 1
### Black Exceptionalism: tactics: INVITED v INVITING

Hillary Clinton INVITED: End Times Reductionism, from result to its cover-up 
If you are not human cattle and you asked "why did the illuminati have Hillary in a room with so many seats?
Answer: the tactic to generate real crowds from other events, with a speech at the National Baptist Conference.
Illuminati hoped for the same success as with "$250 millionaire Mitt Romney, richest republican nominee ever": his one and only 2012 crowd came from adding free drinks and a biker's meeting at Daytona Beach, Florida.
Four years later Romney's $0.25 billion were knocked out by "billionaire Trump's $2.3", yet Hillary's attempt to strip him from the title for these kind of crowds ended in utter failure.
The cover-up resumed to not show the audience, not even one time, during the 35 minutes long video "Hillary Clinton's speech, Kansas City, MO, Sep 8, 2016".

Hillary Clinton INVITING guest stars
Oct 13, 2016: Michelle Obama aims blistering speech at Donald Trump: ‘No woman deserves to be treated this way’
Both guest stars are illuminati suicide bombers:
- the first one is a tranny on stage, shortly before his full detonation together with "her hubby"; 
- the other one is on stage only indirectly, as the subject of the transvestite's speech, and already fully detonating, albeit not in only one day.

Results: overall a success, especially at youtube: video "First Lady Michelle Obama live in Manchester, New Hampshire at Hillary Clinton's rally" got 3 million views within 3 days.

Chapter 2
### The rule - a reminder
Hitlery crowds created by media - not only by headlines, point of view of photos and CGI but also literally, casted as audience
Article "Media Caught Lying About The Crowd Size Of Hillary Clinton Rally" illustrates tthe type of human cattle that 
- is able to see that "media is lying about Clinton crowds at her rallies" 
- and yet unable to get that such lies are also one of the things that Trump and Sanders would NEVER mention.

Illuminati media: 
"Does Hillary Clinton have a media transparency problem?
Aug 6, 2016 - Hillary Clinton appeared set to break a nearly seven-month-long stretch without holding a press conference on Friday.
What this illuminati joke is about: the fact that for the past seven months "journalists" made up to half of the "crowds" at Hitlery's rallies.

--- Introduction
Aug 2018 - The 6 richest candidates for President ever, including Donald Trump
May 15, 2015 - Mitt Romney vs. Evander Holyfield - ENTIRE FIGHT
--- BLACK Exceptionalism
published October 13, 2016, 2,713,558 views after 2 days
First Lady Michelle Obama live in Manchester, New Hampshire | Hillary Clinton
Michelle Obama aims blistering speech at Donald Trump: ‘No woman deserves to be treated this way’
--- The RULE
Media Caught Lying About The Crowd Size Of Hillary Clinton Rally
NEBRASKA - Outraged voters have called out Washington Post national political reporter Abby D. Phillip for biased reporting. Internet users claim the journalist is blatantly shilling for Hillary Clinton. Phillip posted a photo to twitter saying: "Big, boisterous crowd here in Omaha for Hillary Clinton and Warren Buffett." The image appears to have been taken from a deceptive angle or heavily cropped to make the photo look like it was taken in a packed room. 
Twitter user @Z3pp3in posted a followup photo saying: "@CNNPolitics Are you reporting on the 50 people who showed up to Hillary rally in Omaha today?" The tweet showed the actually size of the Hillary's crowd which was dramatically smaller than the Washington Times reporter reported. Take a look at the two photos below. 
Aug 6, 2016 - Does Hillary Clinton have a media transparency problem?
Sep 19, 2016 - Hillary Clinton's Speech at the National Baptist Convention Didn't Go Like the Media Hoped
Charles Campbell for Western Journalism reports, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had some embarrassing photos leaked Thursday which showed abysmally poor attendance at one of her campaign stops
35 minutes long video: reductionism: the "trick" resumed to not show the audience, not even one time.
Hillary Clinton Speech at National Baptist Convention in Kansas City, MO, Sep 8, 2016

Trump's main role is to convince the audience that votes are counted.
Apr 20, 2016, on Hitler's anniversary: End Times Sign: 3 digits milestone for multiplying votes 
New York primaries: Clinton real votes counted 100 times each - milestone for converting real into official results.
Contrast it with Trump's results, generated, by BOTH a multiplier and a divider.

Half-truths psy-op technique in end time: reduced to 1%: Hillary Clinton millions of fake twitter followers

For the only real polls confirming what you can with your eyes see Youtube views and likes not FaCIAbook computer generated likes

Last Prophet's words from 2012
Feb 03 - "Mitt" "Mormon" Romney credited with 800,000 "votes" in Florida although less than 5,000 "people" voted for him
page 2:"Mitt" "Mormon" Romney ** fills ** DETROIT STADIUM ** with his "crowd" - the same paid 300 employees from Florida, Ohio, etc + a dozen people from Detroit
page 4: "Mormon" Romney "elected" by US christians = "Scientologist" Cruise "elected" most popular actor = illuminati jokes. 
Reminder: SCIENTOLOGY and MORMON "CHURCHES" were created by the illuminati.
This is a remake of the 2008 illuminati joke, the worldwide one and only "christian" "Hussein" elected by US christians.
page 5: *WHY* is Romney's toupee obvious if you are well aware of it and invisible otherwise
Johhny Depp & Richard Jenkins in 2011 "Rum Diar"y movie - the climax is NOT the "Don't notice the toupee!" line. The HORRIBLE TRUTH: it is the line BEFORE that one
"Romney family buys voting machines through Bain Capital investment" is an illuminati joke about the fact that the trick is not WHO owns the voting machines.
"Bain Capital" is as real as "Mormon Rmoney", a character played by actor Richard Jenkins wearing a toupee.

As for the reminder fom 2008, in pages 1 and 5:
- Ron Paul's role is to convince the human cattle that voting machine software is honest 
- McCain never attracted a "crowd" larger than 2,200 until Palin joined, reaching than a 14,000 crowd in California.
He had less than 5 million votes and was credited with 58 million "votes". '
- revelation of Last Prophet that Obama / Romney / Paul are fake identities and the roles were all created after 1986.

One year later, March 2013, Last Prophet would reveal who Dr. Ron Paul really is, and that goes well beyond being the older brother of Tim Kaine, alias Howard Ronald Stuart-Houston.
It was in fact nothing less than the most bombastic revelation of this millenium and beyond.
Right: the REAL last face of the last antichrist.

Multipliers at the end of the show: recreate nazi crowds for 2016 Hitler milestones: Erdogan rally, Clinton votes

Transvestite Michelle Obama, Homosexual Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation in the illuminati anti-Bible: 
The same indonesian actor plays both "Obama" and "Osama".
As for WHY the illuminati casted an indonesian homosexual as first black president and a transvestite as first lady:
Abomination of Desolation was the starting point to create the name Obama.
Osama comes from Obama, and Obama comes from Abomination. 
This fulfills the illuminati anti-Bible, from Leviticus 18:22 to Deuteronomy 22:5.

May 14, 2015

BIG BANG roles actors MUST HAVE Pope Benedict v [cherry on top of the cake] Bush Sr & Obama v GW Bush v Hillary Clinton

Unlike for Bush Sr: Ratzinger still alive is a MUST for fulfilling the original 1993 BIG BANG script without changes.
In other words: Sep 20 2016, just before the BIG BANG or BIG oBANGma:
"George H.W. Bush to Vote for Hillary Clinton" is just the cherry on top of the cake.

--- Last Prophet's words from May 2015
MUST HAVE Pope Benedict [89] v [cherry on top of the cake] Bush Sr [92] & Obama v GW Bush v Hillary Clinton: BIG BANG 93 script 
In brackets: what was added Sep 20, 2016 on top (the cherry, explained in CONTEXT link) or updated (the two ages).

The original 1993 BIG BANG script is still unfolding, with only two words changed and that happened already in Oct 2008.
Transcript of its last two lines: 
The first german pope, one of the last survivors of Hitler's army, proclaimed the only real pope since he was elected.
Hillary Clinton proclaimed the real 44th president since 2008, the real successor of the last Bush, ensuring an uninterrupted BushClinton presidency since 1988 to terminate the USA.

Obama and Bush Sr v GW Bush v Hitlery Clinton v Ratzinger
How tight were these actors coupled with their roles as the BIG BANG script was launched, Dec 1993?

Obama and Bush Sr
The Abomination of Desolation, alias the "Obamessiah of the Obama-nation of Desolation", is THE leading role of the BIG BANG script.
In other words: the role was already named OBAMA when the BIG BANG script was launched, Dec 1993, as the ethnic indonesian actor casted for the role first made headlines as Osama.
Same goes for "the first of the BushClintons", a role that George Bush Sr started to play in 1988.

The next Bush and the last Bush of the BushClintons
Both meant for GW Bush with "Jeb" as alternative.

Hitlery Clinton
"Hitler's daughter, the last of the BushClintons as the terminator of the USA": only Hillary Clinton could play the role, as explained in Merkel article (BASICS). 
If Hillary would not be able to play the role then the first alternative would be her only brother, known as Kevin Spacey. 
This would mean that the role would have to be stripped of "BushClinton" and renamed to "Hitler's son, the terminator of the House of Cards USA".

Bush Sr v Ratzinger 
As far as who the oldest is, Bush Sr already over 90 beats Ratzinger, "only" almost 90, who, on the other hand, is the ultimate example for "lived long enough to fulfill his role". 
Bush Sr [now 92] was replaced as POTUS by Bill Clinton in 1992. In other words: the role "first of the BushCliintons" was bound even BEFORE the start of the BIG BANG script.
Yet the death of Bush Sr would have no consequences in the script ever since its start 1993. 
Contrast it with Ratzinger [now 89]: his death would cause modifications in script ever since he assumed the "real last pope" role 2005 or 8 years before the role "Pope Francis (No Number)" was assumed.

See "1993: All actors originally casted lived long enough to fulfill their roles" in "Original 1993 BIG BANG script still unfolding".

Sep 2016: "NO MUST Have" George H.W. Bush to Vote for Hillary Clinton" is just the cherry on top of the cake.
The 92-year-old Republican 41st president and member of a conservative political dynasty that spans several generations will vote against his party, or so says the scion of another family at the center of American politics.

Hillary's only sister (different mothers) had already stepped on stage in 1991 (from unknown to Minister for Women and Youth in one year).
Illuminati can create new identities at will but Merkel would not be able to impersonate a native US american citizen, having lived almost always in Germany (West not East). 
There was never any need to have Merkel speak as an american to eventually play "terminator of the USA" because she was assigned from the beginning another role: "first woman chancellor of Germany, leader of the EU".
NO actress plays Angela Merkel's mother, Gretl Braun alias Herlind Kasner: WHY exposed worldwide first

Nov 29, 2014

USA since 2008 What REALLY happened - read it again days after Obama will be arrested.

The 44th US president by the last antichrist - the real story.
United States since 2008: What REALLY happened - read it again days after Obama will be arrested, 2015.
Obama's full detonation: from countless dedicated actors to veteran Al Sharpton.
Script "Most powerful detonation ever of a suicide bomber, Obomber alias Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation".
The arsenal of bombs (and consequently of roles) increased as the illuminati Grand Master was forced to again and again postpone Obama's detonation.
It all added to the "most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of Politics".

Types of bombs: Fake vs Real
As expected from the illuminati religion's commandment of endless deception, alias to serve nothing but simulated reality:
- fake bombs, will be officially detonated. Example: Obama forged his birth certificate.
- real bombs, will NOT be officially detonated. Example: Obama is a homosexual, Michelle Obama is a transvestite.

Types of fake bombs: In original 2008 script or not
- in original 2008 script. Examples: Obama forged his birth certificate; Obama personally strangled his granny in her bed in Hawaii days before the election.
- not in original 2008 script. Example: Benghazigate, created because the original script was postponed, which will be served as "Obama not only blackmailed but also physically hit Hillary Clinton in the eye".

The original 2008 script
The bombs were originally meant to impeach "senator Obama" in October 2008, also part of the "race war", alias manhunt for non-whites.
The main bomb was the "forgery of the birth certificate", Obama impeached. Later, after McCain's detonation, Obama would also be arrested and sentenced to death by hanging.
McCain would beat Hillary Clinton and complete the "disarm citizens" agenda. Immediately after McCain would be stripped of his 44th presidential title, for "election fraud" and "not being a natural born citizen".
Hillary Clinton (Adolf Hitler's oldest daughter and Merkel's half sister) proclaimed the real winner of the 2008 "election", the real 44th president, the successor of GW Bush. 
Illuminati Grand Master was forced to postpone Obama's detonation again and again.

President Obama script
Disarming the citizens advanced at a slower than scripted pace because it had to be done by "Obama", instead of the originally scripted McCain in the role of republican impostor. 
Obama's arsenal is extended with "treason at the highest level" bombs. Added chapters included the death and resurrection of Osama Bin Laden, originally scripted also for 2011.
Again, it had to be postponed because of the Arab Spring.
This lead to the 2012 "election", scripted with "RMoney Romney" (actor Richard Jenkins with a toupee) scripted to beat "Obama".

The original 2012 script
Romney would do what McCain was originally scripted to have done in 2009: complete the disarm citizens agenda.
The script would continue as originally planned for McCain, with additionally Obama also stripped.
In other words: both Romney (45th) and Obama (44th) stripped of their titles, Clinton proclaimed 44th president. 
Illuminati Grand Master was again forced to postpone Obama's detonation, this time literally at the last minute, indeed as "election results" were being announced, Nov 2012.

Actors playing roles created exclusively for Obama's detonation:
- to create fake bombs attached to Obama's chest: Bergdahl family, Benghazi's "dead" ambassador Chris Stevens or families of missing Boeing 777.
- to "expose" fake bombs: Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, "whose forensic examination found  Obama's long-form birth certificate to be created digitally".
- for psy-ops setting the stage for the supervised "race war"-
Black cast for these psy-ops includes:
- fake victims and their "families" (from "dead" Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray in Baltimore to "christians praying" at Charleston church) setting the stage for the REAL DEAL;
- evil blacks, from countless actors at riots, from Ferguson, Missouri to Baltimore to beheaders of brave UK soldiers and 92 years old great-grandmothers.

Actors part of the cast for "Obama's full detonation" who had previously other roles using the same identity:
- to create fake bombs attached to Obama's chest: General David Petraeus: plays suicide bomber, same role as Obama.
- to expose real bombs: impersonator of Joan Rivers: role terminated by a fake death, same as Obama, to be sentenced to death by hanging.
Note that a fake bomb is also added, suggesting that "Joan Rivers is yet another name in the countless list of people murdered by Obama".
- to "expose" fake bombs: actor playing "billionaire Donald Trump". 
Black actors used to lead blacks into the slaughterhouse: 
- "good guys" who suddenly detonate, from half-evil (half black Tiger Woods) to total evil (Bill Cosby); 
-  television "news" anchor such as CNN's Don Lemon, to correctly package dedicated psy-ops as news.
- Oprah Winfrey (to whom Obama will confess his crimes); 
- "rev" Al Sharpton, "rev" Jessie Jackson (claiming the confession was forced and calling blacks to riot).

Suicide bombers: Obama will detonate as soon as Ukraine resisters annihilated. "Putin" blows himself up shortly after.
Hitler's oldest daughter becomes the successor of GW Bush, 10 years after her half-sister (same father) became first woman chancellor of Germany.

BIG BANG starts with a reversed Bible script: resurrection before crucifixion alias cruci-fiction.
Hussein Obama II is finally about to blow himself up the same way as he was born: with an Osama video. 
Easter Sunday: Osama Bin Laden and missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 ascend from an Indian Ocean of discrepancies.
Reduced remake of 11 September:
From 4 fake planes in 2001 to to 1 fake plane at Jerusalem.