In reality ALWAYS the Illuminati,Terminator Hillary will be declared the successor of GW Bush, although "Obama" has not yet been stripped.

Nov 29, 2014

USA since 2008 What REALLY happened - read it again days after Obama will be arrested.

The 44th US president by the last antichrist - the real story.
United States since 2008: What REALLY happened - read it again days after Obama will be arrested, 2015.
Obama's full detonation: from countless dedicated actors to veteran Al Sharpton.
Script "Most powerful detonation ever of a suicide bomber, Obomber alias Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation".
The arsenal of bombs (and consequently of roles) increased as the illuminati Grand Master was forced to again and again postpone Obama's detonation.
It all added to the "most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of Politics".

Types of bombs: Fake vs Real
As expected from the illuminati religion's commandment of endless deception, alias to serve nothing but simulated reality:
- fake bombs, will be officially detonated. Example: Obama forged his birth certificate.
- real bombs, will NOT be officially detonated. Example: Obama is a homosexual, Michelle Obama is a transvestite.

Types of fake bombs: In original 2008 script or not
- in original 2008 script. Examples: Obama forged his birth certificate; Obama personally strangled his granny in her bed in Hawaii days before the election.
- not in original 2008 script. Example: Benghazigate, created because the original script was postponed, which will be served as "Obama not only blackmailed but also physically hit Hillary Clinton in the eye".

The original 2008 script
The bombs were originally meant to impeach "senator Obama" in October 2008, also part of the "race war", alias manhunt for non-whites.
The main bomb was the "forgery of the birth certificate", Obama impeached. Later, after McCain's detonation, Obama would also be arrested and sentenced to death by hanging.
McCain would beat Hillary Clinton and complete the "disarm citizens" agenda. Immediately after McCain would be stripped of his 44th presidential title, for "election fraud" and "not being a natural born citizen".
Hillary Clinton (Adolf Hitler's oldest daughter and Merkel's half sister) proclaimed the real winner of the 2008 "election", the real 44th president, the successor of GW Bush. 
Illuminati Grand Master was forced to postpone Obama's detonation again and again.

President Obama script
Disarming the citizens advanced at a slower than scripted pace because it had to be done by "Obama", instead of the originally scripted McCain in the role of republican impostor. 
Obama's arsenal is extended with "treason at the highest level" bombs. Added chapters included the death and resurrection of Osama Bin Laden, originally scripted also for 2011.
Again, it had to be postponed because of the Arab Spring.
This lead to the 2012 "election", scripted with "RMoney Romney" (actor Richard Jenkins with a toupee) scripted to beat "Obama".

The original 2012 script
Romney would do what McCain was originally scripted to have done in 2009: complete the disarm citizens agenda.
The script would continue as originally planned for McCain, with additionally Obama also stripped.
In other words: both Romney (45th) and Obama (44th) stripped of their titles, Clinton proclaimed 44th president. 
Illuminati Grand Master was again forced to postpone Obama's detonation, this time literally at the last minute, indeed as "election results" were being announced, Nov 2012.

Actors playing roles created exclusively for Obama's detonation:
- to create fake bombs attached to Obama's chest: Bergdahl family, Benghazi's "dead" ambassador Chris Stevens or families of missing Boeing 777.
- to "expose" fake bombs: Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, "whose forensic examination found  Obama's long-form birth certificate to be created digitally".
- for psy-ops setting the stage for the supervised "race war"-
Black cast for these psy-ops includes:
- fake victims and their "families" (from "dead" Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray in Baltimore to "christians praying" at Charleston church) setting the stage for the REAL DEAL;
- evil blacks, from countless actors at riots, from Ferguson, Missouri to Baltimore to beheaders of brave UK soldiers and 92 years old great-grandmothers.

Actors part of the cast for "Obama's full detonation" who had previously other roles using the same identity:
- to create fake bombs attached to Obama's chest: General David Petraeus: plays suicide bomber, same role as Obama.
- to expose real bombs: impersonator of Joan Rivers: role terminated by a fake death, same as Obama, to be sentenced to death by hanging.
Note that a fake bomb is also added, suggesting that "Joan Rivers is yet another name in the countless list of people murdered by Obama".
- to "expose" fake bombs: actor playing "billionaire Donald Trump". 
Black actors used to lead blacks into the slaughterhouse: 
- "good guys" who suddenly detonate, from half-evil (half black Tiger Woods) to total evil (Bill Cosby); 
-  television "news" anchor such as CNN's Don Lemon, to correctly package dedicated psy-ops as news.
- Oprah Winfrey (to whom Obama will confess his crimes); 
- "rev" Al Sharpton, "rev" Jessie Jackson (claiming the confession was forced and calling blacks to riot).

Suicide bombers: Obama will detonate as soon as Ukraine resisters annihilated. "Putin" blows himself up shortly after.
Hitler's oldest daughter becomes the successor of GW Bush, 10 years after her half-sister (same father) became first woman chancellor of Germany.

BIG BANG starts with a reversed Bible script: resurrection before crucifixion alias cruci-fiction.
Hussein Obama II is finally about to blow himself up the same way as he was born: with an Osama video. 
Easter Sunday: Osama Bin Laden and missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 ascend from an Indian Ocean of discrepancies.
Reduced remake of 11 September:
From 4 fake planes in 2001 to to 1 fake plane at Jerusalem.

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