In reality ALWAYS the Illuminati,Terminator Hillary will be declared the successor of GW Bush, although "Obama" has not yet been stripped.

May 17, 2007

Hillary Clinton 2008 for dummies - the TWO basic facts- explained worldwide first

The TWO basic facts about Hillary  Clinton 2008 were REVEALED first time by End Times Prophet. But who did echo them so far?

1. Hillary Clinton is supported by less than 5 pct of the voters. Other candidates who play the loser role in the illuminati script, like Barack Obama or even Ron Paul (who is assigned the role of being polled at 2 pct of the republican votes) are in fact way ahead of Hillary Clinton.
The public reaction to her campaign is enough to prove that the global computer was doing the right count:

2. Hillary Clinton will become the LAST president of the United States (i.e. she is the illuminati right candidate), unless the illuminati will have to terminate the script for good before the 2008 "elections".
To prove it, there is no need to look for more evidence beyond this: there is no other possible explanation for the discrepancy between the real numbers of her supporters and the official numbers, i.e. what the illuminati media sells to the sheep.

What does being the illuminati right candidate mean, was explained here:

Note: The result of adding these two facts is yet another example of achieving endless deception, the illuminati B-plan.

Note added November 5, after illuminati postponed for a few days the "suicide Obomber" act: It will be loser John McCain to Hillary Clinton, as predicted by Prophet - Why senator Obama will be impeached only after results declared and before becoming President:

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