In reality ALWAYS the Illuminati,Terminator Hillary will be declared the successor of GW Bush, although "Obama" has not yet been stripped.

May 10, 2005

Nuclear Hitler finally gets his crowd of 50,000 - in the Caucasus Mountains, 2005

"War on Terrorism" day of glory at Tbilissi, Georgia

Nuclear Hitler Bush waited five years - after being "elected" in 2000 - to talk to a crowd of 50,000 - he found it 2005 in the Caucasus Mountains, the frontline of the "War on Terrorism". (1)

Since 2003, the US is "investing" in Georgia like nowhere else in the world.
Georgia gets by far the largest foreign "aid" per capita in the world - Buying crowds for the final nuclear showdown. (2)


(1) Guess on what side of the front the Chechen terrorists have their bases... the same bases from where they left to slaughter the children of Beslan, in 2004.

(2) Added August 2008: Nuclear Hitler Bush was the first to use nuclear bombs using own citizens as target, on 9/11 (mini-nukes in basement, the unprecedented demolition technique used for both WTC towers).

2005:  Illuminati agent Saakashvili, is assigned the role of getting the last crowd for Bush.

2008: 7 years later after 9/11, Saakashvili plays more unprecedented roles of satanic symbology:
- turning into rubble the capital of South Ossetia and murdering thousands of civilians including hundreds of ethnic georgians who lived near the border, hours before the opening of the Olympics, the moment when all battles stopped in the ancient world.
-  a central role for repeating Hitler's script for officially beginning World War II: 1939 - "Germany attacks Poland" becomes "Poland attacks Germany"; 2008: the illuminati media turns "Georgia attacks South Ossetia" into "Russia attacks Georgia".

Saakashvili  will remain on stage until the next and FINAL act  - replace above Georgia with NATO and  South Ossetia with Russia.

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