In reality ALWAYS the Illuminati,Terminator Hillary will be declared the successor of GW Bush, although "Obama" has not yet been stripped.

Feb 6, 2017

Super Bowl 51 greatest comeback ever very last fake, 3 years after real deal: for dummies

One of the actors in the cast of Superbowl 51 was a Hollywood and shakespearean actor: Jonathan "the pryce-less" pope Francis no number.
He got the leading role in an agenda advanced with an episde released hours after the "unprecedented comeback engineered by Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady":
One in 14 Catholic priests accused of abuse in Australia
Note: illustrating photo enforces the "genocide of christians" agenda, subliminally suggesting mass murder, the need to eliminate all priests.
The script writer of all this: the Illuminati Grand Master, "coincidentally" also a Hollywood and shakespearean actor who first revealed himself in a Simpsons episode.

From GOAT Brady to Amy Gaga:
To get how Tom Brady really engineered the greatest Super Bowl comeback ever, this is all you need to get: 
How the Illuminati Grand Master engineered the impossible result 43-8 of Super Bowl 48, which will be proclaimed as the very last Superbowl.
In other words: winners of head to head races 49 to 51 will all be stripped. 

Amy Winehouse resurfaces at the end of the show
6 years after her "sudden death stunner", the other face of Lady Gaga, for the greatest comeback ever:
Angela Merkel's half sister and also a first cousin once removed from the director of the show, Alexander Adolf Hitler.
Hitlery will be now finally crowned Miss Universe by Last Trumpe(nce)ts. But the BIG BANG star resurfaces elsewhere: Obama Bi(nla)den, the Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation, resurrects on Easter Sunday.
At this point I don't need to mention the city, right?

For Intro:
Feb 6, 2017 - One in 14 Catholic priests accused of abuse in Australia

Feb 5, 2017 - Lady Gaga alias Amy Winehouse in plain sight - see photo: Lady Gaga dangles from cables while singing, at:
Sudden Death Stunner: Patriots' Super Bowl Comeback in Pictures

What was originally scripted as the very Last SUPERBOWL 2014:
43-8: Illuminati Supreme Leader announces the impossible result two days in advance
Parody about Simulated Reality to terminate the world as the human cattle knows it

Superbowl at the end of the show:
"Patriot('s) Tom Brady" casted as illuminati icon who will now fully detonate.
The act "very last Superbowl" had already to be postponed again and again.
Seattle Seahawks alias the superb owl hidden in plain signt, will be proclaimed "the real very last champions in 2014", everyone else ever since stripped of their titles.
From hero to zero, stripped of, first woman leading: END OF SHOW series

For the actress playing Lady Gaga and formerly also Amy Winehouse start here:
Staged the same day as the fake deaths of justice Scalia and russian anti-doping boss:
Grammys, Feb 2016, end of the show: Lady Gaga as David Bowie after Viola Beach plunges off bridge: another episode in the series of fake deaths of musicians.
Main agenda: the Marlboro man for kids.

The real Christ(of), the director of the Truman show - no I don't mean Jim Carey, the actor who played the role in the 1998 film:
Who leaves Atlantis off the _ _ _S? Google answers with name of man who runs the world
Atlantis, The Simpsons: TRUTH cut in stone by Illuminati Grand Master

JK ROWLing headlines just before the third and very last Super BOWL to be declared a farce: for dummies
Harry Potter's creator slams Last Trumpets with 1 satanic biblical tweet
Jan 30, 2017
UK Petition against Trump visit: goals of this psy-op includes filling the registry supplying the "internment camps", this time not for muslims and non-whites only but also for anyone registered as dissident.
Talk of the UK and death camps:
Fake writer J.K. Rowling (fake name comes from OWL, same as NFL's SUPERB OWL) illustrates her role as suicide bomber, in a parallel script to Meryl Streep.
J.K. Rowling slams Donald Trump, Mike Pence with 1 biblical tweet: for dummies

BIG BANG, Osama resurrects from the Indian Ocean, crucified to the wings of the missing Boeing 777

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